Top Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh

With the special day fast approaching, the girls are getting excited, and the boys are getting nervous. With so many things you could do and so many things you could miss, Valentine’s Day has somehow become a test of your love to your partner and one that you most definitely must pass. So with all the stress and the fear taking away the LOVE, we’ve come up with the perfect list of things to do this Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh that will bring you right back to what it is all about, LOVE.

Looking for LOVE

Why not break every boundary when it comes to typical Valentine’s Day gifts. Break the traditional mould of chocolates and flowers and take your partner into the most sensual and twisting form of fun. One of the most outlandish things to do in Edinburgh is to take you and your lover to the dancing. Not just your average club, the Edinburgh Tango Taster is the begbeginner’smple into the lustrous Latin world of salsa dancing. Put on your dancing shoes and twirl your partner throughout the night, surely making a valentine’s day to remember.


Only for those in LOVE

For the music lovers among you, why not plan your whole night in one occasion. Forget the strolling through Edinburgh from bar to bar looking for the perfect piano man to serenade your sweetheart, we have the perfect alternative. Jack Jones sings Frank Sinatra is the only choice to go back in time at the King’s theatre and hear the echo of the great Jack Jones captivating the audience with the immortal songs of Sinatra. For the perfect Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh, forget doing it your way and as Frank said, do it his way.


Very much in LOVE

Of course, if the Sunday Valentine’s Day is just too much pressure for us 9-5ers on a Monday, then Edinburgh has you in mind. Turn the Saturday evening into your early valentine’s and go all out in planning the biggest surprise. No more 50 red roses or a talking card, it’s time to test your partner’s enthusiasm and leave a grin that will stay for a week. Before heading for cocktails, visit Edinburgh’s Roller Stop Disco, lace up your skates and go hand in hand as fast as you can round and round this hilarious course. Of course, lycra and glitter is completely optional. Of all things to do, this will make a truly memorable Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh

Especially for the one I LOVE

When it comes to romancing in Edinburgh, nowhere quite does it better than The Witchery by the Castle. Nestled in between the beautiful surroundings of Edinburgh castle, with its beautiful medieval setting and design, it is the perfect lover’s corner to sit between the candle lights and enjoy the most deliciously tasty meals that Edinburgh has to offer. With all things to do in Edinburgh, this makes the perfect Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh for both.