Things to do this Spring in Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh in Bloom

When it’s time for Spring, Edinburgh looks more beautiful than ever. With the flowers blossoming and the trees getting greener, there is nothing but smiles and cheer spreading across this historic city. As we get the summer feeling and the winter washes away, there is a new wave of events and things to do this spring in Edinburgh.

The Spring

With an abundance of green and nature on nearly every Edinburgh doorstep, its near impossible not to catch Spring fever. So with your inhalers all ready and your shorts all dug out, enjoying the natural spring of the season is a must on the Edinburgh things to do list. The Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh is home to a mass of trees, flowers and greenery, perfect for the spring walk for the family. Offering a firework of colours and fresh feeling to your day, there is no better place to kick start spring in Edinburgh than the beautiful botanicals.

The Sprung

A bright and sunny day in Edinburgh is beautiful as the blossom rushes in amongst the leaves in all the parks and the sun bounces from all the squares and the city seems to glisten in the greenery. It is also a good time to visit with children as the International Science Festival rolls into town. Until March 10th, we venture forth and explore the possibilities of a new world and brave the unknown as we go in deep, wondering search of it. For all things to do this Spring in Edinburgh, add a little kick of adventure to your day out and wonder beyond your imagination.

The Spectacular

Another wonderful attraction this Spring in Edinburgh is the Imaginate Festival. The Imaginate Festival is Scotland’s international festival of performing arts for children and young people. They showcase the finest selection of shows from Scotland and across the world, each and every one adding their own wonderful character and zest to a programme, bringing together both youth and culture in the finest most exhilarating and entertaining way.

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