Sneak into the Exciting Edinburgh History

There’s no escaping the historic atmosphere that oozes around the cobbled city centre of Edinburgh. With its underground caves and its statues to historic figures, a simple winter walk through the city of Edinburgh can take you back through time and experiencing Edinburgh from another century. Whilst there are so many days out, restaurants and clubs that make Edinburgh the landmark capital it has become worldwide, there is a certain reputation of Edinburgh that the historic old style town that it encapsulates is what really makes people fall in love. But with so many historic secrets lurking within the tunnels and bridges of Edinburgh, we’ve found the best places and facts to have a day of Edinburgh history and exploring you will not forget.


The Hidden Inspiration

Whilst we’re all familiar with the classic Dickens tale of A Christmas Carol, what some may not realise is that in the very heart of Edinburgh, this is where the tale came to life. The legendary Charles Dickens visited Edinburgh and noticed a gravestone of Ebenezer Scrooge, dubbed meal man, which he mistook for mean man, and thus, the greedy, mean Ebenezer Scrooge of A Christmas Carol was born in the Cannongate Kirk Graveyard. This fact, secret to many who consider themselves expert of Edinburgh History is one that often goes unnoticed, making it even more secretive and interesting.


A Day Fit for Royalty

St Margarets Chapel is renowned as being the oldest standing building in the city of Edinburgh. The chapel, dedicated to St Margaret, Queen of Scotland was apparently used by the Queen to mourn her husband, King Malcolm of Scotland before she eventually died of a broken heart. The only building within Edinburgh Castle for Robert the Bruce not to tear down during his reign, the interest and beauty of the castle must entice all buddy Edinburgh history fans, if it has done once a king.


Trip Back in Time

One of the most beautiful, historic venues in Edinburgh is Gladstone’s Land. A unique historic high rise tenement that spans nearly 500 years of Edinburgh’s history into one landmark. Known as one of the world’s first skyscrapers it gives the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Edinburgh, from the old town perspective. Explaining how the Royal Mile has changed and developed over the years, this beautiful building not only offers city wide views of Edinburgh, but is also an enriched trip back in time to the 17th century Edinburgh. Of all the secret Things to do in Edinburgh, Gladstone’s Land really gives the feeling of being transported back in time to another Edinburgh.


A Victorian Journey

If we are looking for a truly historic, adventurous day out that encapsulates all that Edinburgh history has to offer, then Real Mary Kings Close is ideal. A warren of underground streets and spaces, a strange but enticing trail down into the deepest darkest tunnels of Edinburgh. For years, the hidden closes of Old Town Edinburgh have been shrouded in myths and mysterious happenings. With plagues of victims and curdling tales of ghosts, the character guided tours will have you both mesmerized with interest and queasy with fear.