Hidden Places to Treat and Eat in Edinburgh

Places to eat in Edinburgh should be nothing short of an adventure it itself. With its wonderfully vibrant shopping scene, the restaurants and cafes should follow that tradition. With a busy day of shopping under your belt, or a day spent exploring in between the cobbles, then to eat in Edinburgh should naturally be the next step. With the list dining experiences to sample in Edinburgh famous in itself, we thought we would take a look at some of the few hidden gems and delicious treats tucked away, hidden from recognition in Edinburgh..

Fudge Kitchen

Walking down the Royal Mile, the scents and smells of that ‘to-die-for’ chocolate will soon have you at the doors of Fudge Kitchen. With every kind of fudge you could imagine, in every kind of size and every kind of taste, then this is the perfect pit stop to tame your cravings during your day out. This is the ultimate hidden gem of places to eat in Edinburgh, and its sure to having you talking for hours. With generous slabs at fantastic prices on offer, you could also use this as the perfect way to stock up on all those gifts you’re searching for!


Lickety Splits

This retro sweet shop on Jeffery Street will take you to the best places to devilishly eat in Edinburgh, diving right back into your childhood. Enter through the childlike red doors and your eyes are immediately impressed by the array of colourful sweets on display. Like a modern day Willy Wonka’s, in Lickety Splits youll find the old favourites tucked in between new and exciting creations, all making a wonderful trip down memory lane for the sweet tooth’s among us.


Mary’s Milk Bar

A cosy space, filled with tourists and natives all looking to get their chocolate fix, this is the ultimate pit stop on a day of adventure. Whether it be fuelling the kids, or simply allowing yourself that heavenly treat, Mary’s Milk Bar is the place. Mary’s chocolates pride themselves on their soft centres and unusual tasty flavours, and they are just the ticket to give you that heavenly taste as soon as you bite. Refresh the pallet with their vast options of gelato and sample all the flavours on offer. Of all places to eat in Edinburgh, the Milk Bar not only has its own reputation but a crowd to have you following down the street towards it.