Girls Day Out in Edinburgh

What better way to spend a day out that with the girls laughing, drinking and shopping. A Girl’s Day Out is the perfect way to rejuvenate the values of life – that a cocktail is always the answer and how many is the question. If men is the last thing you want to think about and the girls are in the mood then a Girl’s Day out in Edinburgh from Edinburgh Things to Do is just the ticket.

‘When the working day is done, Girls they wanna have fun’..

What would a Girl’s day be without feeling a million dollars? Start your day with the perfect spa day. Take a trip to Parliament House Spa and relax yourself with the perfect massage and pamper from the experts. Fall into the tranquillity and plan the day ahead with the girls, soaking up the wonderful aromas around you. Of all Edinburgh Things to Do, a Spa is always a Yes.


With the girls in toe and the heels out, visit the wonderful Harvey Nichols Fourth Floor Bar for a light lunch and the fizz on ice. Stop off at their luxury nail bar and get the pampering package on a budget. Or sip the finest loose leaf tea with a side of scones with Afternoon tea to take you straight to cake heaven. With the prettiest cakes in town, the fizz and the gossip, your Girl’s Day Out in Edinburgh is on to a winner.


‘I wanna be the one to walk in the Sun’..

What self-respecting ladies day out would be complete without a good shopping session? At Edinburgh Things to Do, we think none. With the cobbles of Edinburgh making heels the biggest regret, take a well-deserved break from the high end shopping on Princes Street that has you thinking that designer hand bags should be a rite of passage to every female, and grab a cocktail. The endless list of bars to sip daiquiris in is enough to make a Girls Day out in Edinburgh just the cure for any ill.


‘I come home in the morning light, My Mother says what you gonna do’..

With your hands bursting with shopping bags, your smile sore from laughter, the next and only thing to do is dinner. Rock up with the girl’s to one of Edinburgh’s finest boutique restaurants at The Dunstane , sample their cocktail menu and feast on the menu that is to die for! Take another stroll down towards The Dome, and begin (or end), with our ultimate pub crawl of all Edinburgh’s best Cocktail bars , and dance yourself and the girls into the wee small hours, topping off the very best Girl’s Day out in Edinburgh.