New Year 2016 Events in Edinburgh

Christmas is coming and everyone’s in a whirl of present-buying, turkey stuffing and general merriment. Family, friends and good food all embody the spirit of the Season but what comes next? 2016 promises another year of exciting events and fond memories in the Scottish Capital, Edinburgh is a city of culture, art and festivals; so be sure to get clued in some of the top events in Edinburgh after New Year!

Traveller’s Tales

While technically an event that started its run in 2015, it deserves a fond mention; an art show featuring work from Edinburgh-born painter Laura Gill. The exhibition will run up until the 9th of January and is a must for fans or visitors that want a taste of what Scottish artists can do and feel like supporting local talent.

Taking place at McNaughtan’s Bookshop and Gallery, you can look into picking up that book you’ve been putting off reading while basking in the talent of Miss Gill.


Burns Night

On the 25th of January each year, Edinburgh pays tribute to the poet Robert Burns, who is celebrated for his contribution to Scottish culture through his work; a host of activities are played out through Edinburgh. Usually, the event is marked by a dinner called Burns Supper, a traditional meal that features the famed haggis, tatties and Scotch Whiskey.
On the 24th and 25th of January, Edinburgh Castle hosts its Burns for Beginner’s event, an interactive introduction to Robert Burns work and life with recitals and dramatizations: perfect for history buffs and the interested tourist alike!